We want to transform the way people entertain online.

What we do?

Delivering traffic for online gambling and entertainment.

We create relevant content and digital campaigns to bring traffic into gambling and entertainment sites.

We know how to make it explote!

Yeah! This is our bread and butter. People just want to live better experiences, and be sure they are chosing the best option. So simple...
The rest are simply tools!

Creating relevant audiences

We create enthusiastic audiences who loves to enjoy playing online and discovering the new trends. We provide excelent products, and the best advice about online gambling, gaming and entertainment.

Cutting Edge Entertainment

We are eager to discover the next stage on the digital gaming industry. We are constantly scouting the market, searching for the new big hit. We love betting, casino, social games, e-sports, póker, fantasy sports, gamification and everything that brings excitement to our lives.

Who we are

The Crew

We all come from top Brands in the gaming industry. We have been developing business both in emerging and mature markets, mixing experience from all the areas of the business, from marketing to operations. We know the good and the best of this industry.
We love this business!

Business Model

What about the money?

We use to work under affiliate marketing model, aligning our perfomance to the results of our partners. If you win money, we win money.

Our Offices

with us


We love finding excuses for a drink. Nothing better than meeting a new partner. Our headquarters are in Sunny Malta. But you could find us also in Sunny Barcelona.


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